Mama on Mobi

This interactive, engaging mobi site is available to all moms in South Africa with an Internet­enabled cellphone. Content is delivered to registered users based on their due date or the age of their baby, providing personalised, relevant and compelling information, life guides, and live chats with experts. Register with your due date or your baby's age, at

Vodacom customers can access MAMA on Mobi, free of charge, via Vodafone Live. Go to

Mama on Sms

The MAMA SMS programme has now merged with the National Department of Health's MomConnect programme ­ now enabling us to offer SMS support to all pregnant women in South Africa. All pregnant women are encouraged to go to their nearest government clinic, and, once a nurse has confirmed their pregnancy, register for MomConnect.

Like MAMA, the MomConnect SMS programme will send women stage­based SMS messages to their cellphones, free of charge. For more information on the MomConnect programme, dial *134*550# from any South African phone. (Dialling this line is free of charge)

Mama on Ussd

MAMA on USSD is a set of interactive quizzes, aimed at supporting moms throughout their pregnancy, birth and during their child's first year. Any mom with a South African cellphone can register for the USSD quizzes, by dialing *120*2112#. She can then dial back into this same line, every "MAMA Monday" to get a personalised quiz that will help her to learn about her pregnancy and baby. Accessing the MAMA quizzes costs 20 cents for 20 seconds.

Mama on Mxit

Taking advantage of the more than 10 million users on Mxit in South Africa, MAMA has established an educational portal on the social networking platform for the Mxit audience. To access MAMA on Mxit, download the Mxit app on your phone (from Once inside Mxit, go to Discover Mxit ­ Apps & Games ­ Apps by Category ­ Health & Advice ­ MAMA. Mxit users can then also register with their due date or baby's age, to get personalised information each time they log back into MAMA on Mxit.

Watch this micro-documentary about the MAMA South Africa Program
and hear from moms what impact the service has had on their lives.

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