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We Need You!

Network Operator

If you are a Network Operator, we’d like to partner with you to see how we can use your core technology offerings, to serve mothers with information and support.

Content Provider

If you are a content provider, working on excellent, engaging content for Moms, or women of childbearing age, please chat to us. We could help to expand the reach and the message of your content.

Private Health Facility

If you are a private health care provider an want to know MAMA can support mothers at your facility, please contact us.


If you are an NGO or CBO that work in communities with mothers, through information, training or services that you offer, we’d like to see how we can partner.

Corporate or Brand with moms or women of childbearing age

If you are a corporate or brand with moms or women of childbearing age as your key target audience, we can look at partnering to promote safe and beneficial products to the MAMA target audience.

Big Corporation

If you are a big corporation and want your brand and service to serve this particular target audience, chat to us. You might want to co-brand your product or service with MAMA, or you may want to sponsor certain MAMA offerings & be seen as a responsible, mom-supporting corporate citizen.

To find out more about these opportunities please contact us

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